• XDS200 ISO USB JTAG Emulator


  • TDS560USB Real-Time EmulatorIt has a very high stability,the reference design based on TI XDS2xx.
  • With extremely high cost performance,having superior performance of XDS560v2 and low price of XDS100.
  • Via USB port and host communication and power supply,three led display operating status.
  • This emulator is equipped with internal isolation module and support voltage protection circuit.
  • Being suitable for harsh environments and new untested Software Design.
  • Physical Dimensions: 92 x 57 x 12 mm (excluding cable)

XDS200 and XDS200ISO Points-of-difference (POD)




Isolation Does not support Supports
Voltage Range           1.8 – 4.1                        

3.3 / 1.8 Need to be equipped with the adapter plate                   

XDS200 Product details

  • Supports Windows 8 system; Support for the latest CCS6
  • Supports TI's new DSP, ARM, MCU chip models
  • The whole new simulation technology of XDS2xx
  • Download speed: 200KB / s

TI chip support types

  • C2000
  • C5000
  • C6000
  • C66xx
  • F28M3x
  • Davinci
  • Sitara
  • OMAP3/4/5/L13x
  • AM33xx

Operating System Compatibility

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 2003 Server (32 and 64-bit)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, etc.)

Development Environment Compatibility

  • Supports CCSv5.3+
  • Supports TI DSP BIOS
  • Supports TI UniFlash™
  • Supports CCS DSS Java Scripting


  • USB powered,no external power needed
  • Communicates with the host via USB protocol
  • Supports + 1.8V and 3.3V JTAG voltage
  • 3 signal indicators
  • Standard 14 pin jtag connector, further optional 14-20 pin and a 14-60 pin adapter
  • Emulator supports isolation. (XDS200ISO only)
  • Support Embedded Trace (ETB) Debugging


  • Easy to use, without having to install drivers and plug-ins
  • Exquisite, small, portable, stable and efficient
  • Whole new generation of simulation technology to support TI's new product series
  • For the future of the new chip has good compatibility
  • Close XDS560v2 performance, XDS100 price
  • Size: 92mm x 57mm x 12mm
  • JTAG cable length: 150mm
  • Year warranty, providing maintenance services for life


  • Debugging hardware
  • Debugging software
  • Writing flash

Field of application

Audio, video, images, automation and control, baseband, communications, telecommunications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, military, security, wireless, and other fields. 

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XDS200 ISO USB JTAG Emulator

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